About Plans

Sometimes in life there are plans. Sometimes there are no intentions to plan, and an incidental happenstance suddenly puts us smack dab in the middle of firmly set plans.  This is how I arrived where I am.

My husband was reading a book which documented all the different kinds of vessels in pre WWII America.  Because of the melting pot mix of people, there were many different kinds of boats to document.  In this small book, he came across drawings of a Dutch scow.  Mind you, this was not a how-to-do book, only a documentation of what a marine engineer measured up on the day to record the existence of that kind of boat.

The tiny drawing and notes were taken down to the local printer and blown up to be big enough that the minute details could either be read with glasses, or with a magnifying glass.

And this is where we started living according to a set of plans.