Strength in parts unseen

Big Boat Man loves this picture because it highlights the robustness of the boat.  I doubt others will give much thought to the side ribs when they are invited out on the water.  But BBM knows me well.  He knows that the thickness of the wood comforts me, the care he took in placing them, and placing them, and placing them….

This was an aspect to the boat building that Brynn and I really could not get behind.  He could have built four boats by now.

Firstly, the templates or outlines made on thin sheets of wood, sometimes ply.  The measurements and numbers and angles drawn.  Then a mock-up in throw-away wood to confirm the shape and placement (you can see it in the picture – the very thin planks holding the ribs in place, and the thin planks on the side that looks like its just hanging there – it is).

Finally, the real pieces of wood are ready to go into place.  Yea!  Brynn and I breathe a sigh of relief.  Finally, now on to the next stage.  Oh, wait.  Nope.  He’s pulling the real wood off!  Hey, what are you doing??  Sealing the wood?  Red lead paint?  Longer screws??

So, when we look at the boat, we are not seeing one boat.  We are seeing at least four, three of which sadly will never develop into something on the water.







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