Are we retired yet??

The idea to retirement is to pursue those pursuits which we have put off until we had more time, supposedly in retirement.  Big Boat Man has been a frustrated, cranky person this week because the pursuit has been stymied mid-stride.

The house building industry has decided to take off this month, unprecedented for the after Christmas period. This meant BBM had to work in the not-quite-so-retired-after-all sense.

Why is the house building picking up?  Are those crazy reps chasing dreamers and tyre thumpers?  Who starts building toward the end of Summer? Surely the housing shortage isn’t that bad – and besides, all these plans are for monstrosities … who needs big houses in this city?

So, in answer to the retirement question, no. We are not fully retired yet.

Which means the boat is not as far along as it should be this weekend.  But while BBM is grumping around, I believe there is some hint of perhaps a nod toward being able to enjoy the boat building process a week longer than anticipated.



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