Why the boat is not wet yet

Well, as you know a big project requires a lot of thought before the Ta-Da moment of revelation to others.  In our case, there was the laying of pavers to have a direct line of entry to the property.  Then there was the building of the gate so that god and everyone wasn’t looking directly onto the boat. Then there was the matter of the property manager deciding it was time not only for trimming a nearby tree, but rather a perfect time to take it down entirely.  I’m sure it had nothing to do with the tree trimmer being a friend of Brynn’s.  I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact she knows he prefers to earn his income from trimming trees than from working in the restaurant.  And, I’m sure it had nothing to do with the rush of blood to her head as she made the decision, or the realisation that she was going to have another opportunity to use the chain saw.

So, Big Boat Man was almost tearful when I returned from Auckland this weekend and found yet another pile of wood awaiting us.  Fortunately, this time he had happened onto the property just as the property manager and young arborist were deciding what to do with the maple tree which had a crack.  They had cut two large limbs and were debating whether to take the entire tree down.  Evidently, by the time BBM ceased explaining why the tree did not need to come down, our young property manager was  huffing with indignation and the arborist was silent.  How do we know Brynn was the one who wielded the chainsaw?  Well, BBM was very frustrated this morning while he was trying to split the logs.  They were cut on an angle.  Only a young lady without thought for the next step of what happens to the logs would cut on an angle.

There are very few more events we foresee needing to occur before the boat launch.  The third trustee to our family trust insists that she needs to come down and help us test the boat before inviting everyone else for the launch.  I suspect her mental picture of a glass of wine while the sun sets on a floating work of art has blocked the reality that we are now entering cooler weather with coats, hats, and rosy cheeks likely to be the scene.

We need to investigate which weekend is most likely to have calm enough weather to launch the boat.  My work situation is changing such that I should have 3-4 day weekends regularly soon.  And, my doctorate could impact on the time I have free.  But this is all about BBM’s personal doctorate in boatbuilding.  I can only hope mine is as rewarding as his has been already.

Lands Alive People!  The time is upon us! We’re getting excited! I’ve got to start remembering what the wings are called, the special rope names, the things the ropes wrap around…


One thought on “Why the boat is not wet yet

  1. Love the story of the boat being posted! wish I could come for the Launch. Old age is very limiting—guess I just reverse and start getting a lttle younger! Ha!


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