Saturday, 21 September 2019 has been chosen as the launch date of this incredible hand made boat.  Big Boat Man has set the date, adding the phrase ‘weather dependent’ every time he overhears me broadcasting the date to anyone.

Everyone in the community is invited and welcome to join the fun.

We will be launching from Paraparaumu Beach, the exact time will be set according to the tide.  Theoretically,  the boat would sit on the beach at low tide, and gently float as the tide comes in.  With only eight inches of draught (?), it will float fairly quickly but I’m not sure what happens from that point. Put the sails up and sail off?

Another approach, and one BBM is prepared for, is the old run-‘er-in and pull the trailer away.  The tailor made trailer may have an extension by launch day.  Having said that, I’ve talked with several female friends who love the idea of sitting on the beach with wine glasses in hand while the tide does its thing.

Why 21 September?  Well, I have finally given up full time work to spend more time with BBM.  A couple of friends found out and asked me to run for the local District Council.  After assessing the situation and reflecting on my own expertise and governance skills, I agreed with BBM’s blessing.

Suddenly, BBM is not working on the boat, he’s working on my election campaign. Signs? Yes, I’ve ordered those. No, the struts, the supports, the stain. Stain??  Yes, we’re not going to have bare white (or pink treated) wood on our signs. None of this flimsy stuff where a strong wind can take it down, or young hoodlums can kick through the boards after a night of drinking.  We have the only designed, structured, stained, two-sided at 90’ signs on the road. One of the signs is even booby-trapped around the base where someone’s dog has pooped in two convenient places.  Anyone trying to mess with that sign will pay for it for a few days.

The picture above is of the duck boards.  These are more beautiful in person than the picture shows. For those who do not know as much about boats as I do (eyebrow raise here), the duck boards are to allow us to stay out of the water that gathers on the bottom of the boat.  These look like a child’s xylophone and are throughout the boat.  I cringe to think of the fishing gear and mucky stuff that might fall on these gorgeous boards.

BBM has graciously agreed to launch the boat during my election campaign.  The people who asked me to run are thrilled to combine such an auspicious occasion with the campaign.

I might be a tad busy between now and then, so probably not much more going to be said about the boat before 21 September.  Other than the fact the name will be carved on totara with gold lettering.  Artist Brynn has been practising on real totara to the chagrin of friends.  Never mind, we tell them.  We are truly into sustainability.  The totara is from reclaimed piles from years ago.  BBM is not a silly man.

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