Oarsome leathers

This morning Big Boat Man came back from his man cave laughing at himself. It seems he was trying to cut some leather on the bias, using quite a bit of force, when Brynn walked in. She commented that it looked like he was trying to cut through pieces which had been glued together. What?! Who did that?! Then BBM realised that he had glued the pieces together some days before.

The picture shows his stitching skills in making the sleeves for the oars. This new wooden boat will have three modes of moving, similar to the Dona Lucia. There will be a dipping lug sail, but since there is a strong sea stream between land and Kapiti Island, there will be a motor and oars just in case.

BBM has continued to learn new skills on this current boat. He starts about 6.00 am each day, works for a couple of hours, then texts me that he’s on his way home for breakfast. He takes the long way home, driving along the beach to take full advantage of our living by the sea, and arrives home just as I am taking his toast out of the toaster. I then receive a morning report about what has been done, what he needs to investigate, and what he hopes to have finished by the end of the day. Mind you, the end of the day is beer-o’clock.

Having carefully measured and cut out the various pieces which will be put together to form the boat, BBM then found the templates which he had set aside some time ago. Comparing the templates to what he had already produced, there was only one piece which looked different. BBM fussed over the issue for some days. He argued with Brynn about her interpretation of what the template showed and what the design showed. He insisted that whoever made the template of that piece was wrong. He was going according to the design, and he would ignore the incorrect template. Then he realised that the design was back-to-front in terms of what he was used to and there was no real problem after all. Yea.

We are hearing of family continuing to deal with a Coronavirus environment and we feel fortunate to be in an environment where we can move freely and without extraneous masks and PPE. Hopefully that will hold true for the future as well. When BBM needs to buy something for the boat, he asks whether he should buy extra just in case there is another social lock down. At one point he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to buy the type of glue he requires for the marine plywood. He rang the marine shop and found they had 11 litres. We dropped everything to go buy what they had, just in case. We walked into the shop and found that they had 25 litre containers and no shortage to how much we could purchase. Well, now we know.

Brynn has a new kitten and so she has raided the boat shed to make a climbing tower with different materials. One primary material is the thick cord and twine which she wraps around a column. I’m hoping BBM doesn’t require any because I saw the column tube yesterday. It stands about 7 feet tall.

BBM is quite keen to paint this boat bright colours like the ones we saw in Portugal. Last night we were watching a TV show which was based in Nice, France. BBM excitedly pointed out the bright blue to Brynn as an example of what he wants.

In the meantime, BBM has decided he is not going to let another Summer go by without his going fishing. Last year was a write-off because of social lock-down. He is not going to wait until this boat is finished to go fishing again. He has plans to take Dona Lucia out this weekend for long-line fishing. We have had storms blowing through for the past few days, but this weekend should be calm enough to be on the sea. Brynn and I plan to go out with him, although this morning he said he was looking forward to going out on his own. One problem with this weekend is the stitches he still has from an annual trip to his skin cancer doctor. He doesn’t see how that will be a problem though. As a keen fisherman, he doesn’t think reaching over to get the fish will affect his shoulders. How can fun hurt you?

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