A daughter’s help

Brynn was thinking Big Boat Man needed some advice and help with deciding his colour scheme.  So, she drew a sketch, coloured it in, added her written advice….. then gave him three pages of just the sketch for him to experiment with his own thoughts on colour schemes – kind of like a colouring book.

Now that the boat has reached the details stage, Brynn has been asked to help with some artistic touches.  She is working on some wood etchings for the finished wood layer in the cockpit area.  Like ancient boats, BBM wants iconic landmarks in the cockpit.  So, Kapiti Island, Mana Island and other landmarks locally are high on the priority.  Since we can see South Island from here and intend to sail there often, the Sounds are next on the list.

A local New Zealand artist Alan Wehipeihana has given Brynn some tips on use of awls and chisels.  His own works of art are in embassies and various heads of state offices around the world.  He is also the (ex) brother-in-law of BBM.  He has been very generous with his time and advice.

Alan and BBM are two of a kind.  Both down to earth, and you could find either of them barefoot on the beach.  They enjoy fishing and sharing stories of local people.

BBM and I stop by Alan’s workshop on the odd Saturday when we know he will be in.  One morning we decided to have breakfast at the café below before seeing him.  It was busy with the only seats available at one end of a long table.  The couple sitting there kindly gave their permission for us to share their table, and prepared to ignore us from that point.

Well, that didn’t quite work out, since our backsides had barely touched the chairs when a builder-turned-poet stopped by to greet us and catch up with news.  He was fairly loud, and the couple were frowning slightly at the rambunctious conversation.  Just as he left, a couple called out to us and we caught up on their news.  Our food arrived, and I smiled an apology to the couple at the end of the table to say that’s the end of that kind of thing……

But we looked up to see a nephew of BBM’s who had popped over from Australia.  Hugs and back slaps all around, he told us quickly what was happening in his work life, very exciting because he was also singing in night clubs and thoroughly enjoying life.

We eventually sat down again, looking at each other in embarrassment, we put our heads down to finish our cold food.  By this time, the couple was staring at us to try to figure out who we were.  Surely they were missing something.

Then, we couldn’t believe it.  There was a guy BBM had known for over 50 years.  He was just going into the shop next door.  We had a catch up with him, the fount of lots of knowledge.  In fact, when I first met BBM he made a comment that his family didn’t need an encyclopaedia, they had a ‘Bob’.  Years later I found out what he meant.

So across the many people we saw that morning, the conversations ranged from art, fishing, vehicle engines, real estate, building, babies, and the entertainment industry in Australia.

By this time, the couple at the end of the table have given up guessing, and came out and asked us why we were so well known?  Well, BBM was born and raised here.  Pretty much everyone on the Kapiti Coast either knows him or knows of him.  It is not a case of being famous, it is just life on the Coast.

We have warned Brynn to prepare to be world famous in Kapiti when people see her artwork on the boat!




3 thoughts on “A daughter’s help

  1. Was thinking of founts of knowledge… and just assumed you were talking about dear old Dave (next door at William Ave). But yes, the coast has a few – some would say Barry was one himself 😉


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