The Man Cave

There is a long story behind the boat shed where the boat is being built.

When he decided to build the boat, the first step was to have a weather-proof work space.  So, he asked a young man to help him put up the boat shed.

The Council came without warning, or our presence, to inspect what was happening.  At the time only posts and a deck existed.

We received a formal letter that the work was unpermitted. (Duh)  Fortunately, being in a position to know several things about the local Council, I was able to assist a formal letter of response.  In the meantime, BBM called the builder and said to get the thing finished over the weekend since no official ‘stop work’ order had been issued.

So, our response to the Council was really two-fold.  Firstly, we called the boat shed a maintenance shed for a permitted permanent building.   In the building by-laws it could have been two storeys high (!) for this purpose as long as it was locked and not open to the public.  This was also true because the tools for maintenance are kept in the shed.

Secondly, we simply quoted the Building Act and codes.  We went back and forth with them several times where they tried to get us to explain our interpretation of the Act.  We, knowing how things at the Council work, simply restated the codes and Act.  In the end, we were sent a letter stating that while the Council did not agree with us, they were going to take no further action.

So, BBM has been able to thoroughly enjoy this retirement activity unhindered, on his own property.

Now, the BIG question – the question EVERYONE has when they see his boat in the shed.

HOW will he get the boat out???

Well, easy.  The whole front of the shed comes off.  The boat will come straight out onto the trailer which is currently being made for this boat.


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